By R. L. Weber

This anthology offers an perception into the wit and mind of the medical brain via a mix of a laugh and severe contributions written by way of and approximately scientists. The contributions checklist altering attitudes inside technology and replicate the interactions of technology with society.

This ISBN corresponds to the hardback model. identify is usually indexed as ISBN 0750306491 (paperback).

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Something slipped his forward mind ’Twas rescued by the one behind. And if in error he was caught He had a saving ajerthought. A s he thought twice before he spoke He had no judgment to revoke. Thus he could think without congestion Upon both sides of every question. Oh, gate upon this model beast Defunct ten million years at least. If 22 American Institute of Useless Research LETTER TO T H E E D I T O R From Review of Scient& Instruments 6,208 (1937). Dear Sir The following material is humbly submitted by the Committee in Executive Session and it is sincerely hoped that it will meet with your approval for publication: ‘There has long been felt in American Physics the need for an efficient governing body to organize the vast quantity of useless research that is being pursued day by day and hour by hour in the many institutions of higher learning in these great UnitCd States for which our forefathers fought and bled.

It may with propriety be called the repulsive motion. 35,Andrade turned a critical eye on these experiments which, as he remarked, have never been repeated. He was suspicious of them because ‘if the ice is covered with a j l m of water, the friction is so small that scarcely any work is done, while if it really is dry it is liable to stick. . Again, ihe amount of work required to melt 1 gm of ice is very large , . I FtolnNatue135 359 (1935) In the first of these experiments described in less than three hundred words, without any detail, Davy says that he fastened two pieces of ice by wires to two iron bars and that ‘by a peculiar mechanism’ the ice was kept in violent friction for some minutes.

SAMUDA: Confound them, I wish them a hundred miles off. SHAREHOLDERS: Well, Mr. Samuda, we are glad we have met with you; we want to talk to you about the tiger preserves and the bonuses on the tops of the Himalayan mountains. SAMUDA: Hush! gentlemen, hush! If it should get abroad, you will be done out of all these fine things, clean done. You had better, I think, take your seats, or else the best will be gone. I8 WILKINSON: Never mind that. We like your company better than all the seats, and if we are with you we shan’t fare badly.

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