By Michael D. Fayer

ISBN-10: 0814414885

ISBN-13: 9780814414880

Physics is a posh, even daunting subject, however it is usually deeply pleasant even exciting. And liberated from its mathematical underpinnings, physics all of sudden turns into available to a person with the interest and mind's eye to discover its attractiveness. technological know-how with out math? It's now not that strange. for instance, we will be able to comprehend the concept that of gravity with out fixing a unmarried equation. So for all those that can have contemplated what makes blueberries blue and strawberries crimson; if you have puzzled if sound fairly travels in waves; and why gentle behaves so otherwise from the other phenomenon within the universe, it's all a question of quantum physics. "Absolutely Small" offers (and demystifies) the realm of quantum technology like no booklet sooner than. It explores clinical options from debris of sunshine, to likelihood, to states of subject, to what makes greenhouse gases undesirable in massive intensity, yet utilizing examples from the standard global. hard with out being intimidating, available yet now not condescending, "Absolutely Small" develops the reader's instinct for the very nature of items at their most simple and interesting degrees.

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For example, the cactus moth or prickly pear moth, Cactoblastis, was introduced to Australia from Argentina in 1925 to control cacti. Non-native to Australia, the cacti caused serious damage to farming by their explosive growth (Zimmermann et al. 2001). The moth successfully controlled the cacti and was later introduced into other places around the world, including Nevis in 1957. The moth then spread, either by accidental importation in cacti imported from the Dominican Republic or by its own movement, throughout much of the Carribean and eventually to Florida in 1989 (Mahr 2001).

If researchers can find effective natural enemies of the pest species in its native home, they may then be able to utilize them as biological control agents, but to do so they must introduce another exotic species (Follett and Duan 2000). Unfortunately, the behavior of an exotic species in an ecosystem can never be fully predicted. If the predators and parasites used for biological control extend their feeding range to include native flora or fauna, they can cause serious or permanent damage to the native ecology.

The policy issue presented by GM insects is not so much the lack of legal authority but whether existing legal authorities will be used in a coordinated way to ensure an adequate and publicly credible regulatory review of risks. In the absence of a clearly articulated and coordinated federal policy for addressing GM insects, it is currently impossible to assess the adequacy of the federal regulatory process for reviewing the potential public health, agricultural, environmental, and food-safety risks of GM insects.

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