By Tuncay Taymaz, Yücel Yilmaz, Yildirim Dilek

ISBN-10: 1862392390

ISBN-13: 9781862392397

The complexity of plate interactions and linked crustal deformation within the jap Mediterranean quarter is mirrored via the varied damaging earthquakes that experience happened all through its heritage. lots of those were good documented and studied. additionally, the Aegean area offers examples of core-complex formation, synchronous basin evolution and next graben formation and continental extensional deformation following orogenic contraction. it's as a result thought of to be an ideal usual laboratory for the examine of those mechanisms. The sector has been the topic of in depth study for numerous a long time. This ebook includes present effects and ideas concerning the geodynamics of the Aegean and Anatolia. it will likely be crucial analyzing for all geoscientists with an curiosity within the structural evolution of the jap Mediterranean.Also on hand: TECTONICS OF THE WESTERN MEDITERRANEAN AND NORTH AFRICA - ISBN 1862392021 Tectonic improvement of the jap Mediterranean zone - ISBN 186239198X Tectonics and Magmatism in Turkey and the encompassing sector - ISBN 1862390649

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The mixing of elements from domains of entirely different history located west and east of the Aegean Sea supports the idea that the Cycladic Massif represents a major discontinuity along which these domains were juxtaposed in the Tertiary (Ring et al. 1999; Garfunkel 2004). This paper greatly benefited from thorough reviews by E. Bozkurt and an anonymous reviewer. References A LTHERR , R. & S IEBEL , W. 2002. I-type plutonism in a continental back-arc setting: Miocene granitoids and monzonites from the central Aegean Sea, Greece.

1984; Jolivet & Patriat 1999; Trotet et al. 2001a). 34 Y. KATZIR ET AL. The new petrological analysis of metamorphic assemblages in ultramafic and associated rocks on Evia and Naxos allows redrawing of the P –T paths of the Lower tectonic Unit away from the CEX and offers a broader perspective on the exhumation processes in the Cyclades (Fig. 11). Because of the occurrence of pre-Alpine basement in a lowermost structural position, the leucogneiss core of Naxos is considered as the deepest exposed levels of the Alpine orogen in the Cyclades.

Chemical Transport in Metasomatic Processes. NATO ASI Series, 218C, 489–501. D UBOIS , R. & B IGNOT , G. 1979. Pre´sence d’un ‘hardground’ nummulitique au de la se´rie Cre´tace´e d’Almyropotamos (Eube´e me´ridionale, Gre´ce). Comptes Rendus de l’Acade´mie des Sciences, Se´rie II, 289, 993–995. D UNN , S. R. & M EDARIS , L. D. 1989. Retrograded eclogites in the Western Gneiss region of a portion of the Scandinavian Caledonides. Lithos, 22, 229– 245. , O KRUSCH , M. & S EIDEL , E. 1978a. The median Aegean crystalline belt: stratigraphy, structure, metamorphism, magmatism.

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